Cocktail Hour 🥂 3 Sensual Accessories

You're finally off of work.  And now it's time to enjoy the balance of the day.  Enjoy that space between work and personal time by going to cocktail hour.  Order a water or a glass of champagne and kick it.  Connecting with others and just chilling are some ways to relieve the stress of the day.  No matter how you feel, lift your style with sensual accessories that are designed to enhance your mood and your style.  Enjoy flirtation and style with the Intimates Collection.  This collection is designed to be as versatile as you are.  Whether you are dancing on the floor or being that pretty wallflower, enjoy yourself with the confidence, independence and femininity that the Intimates Collection delivers.  Discover intimacy in the moment and enhance your style with this collection of lingerie harnesses, leg garters, nipple clamps, nipple accessories and handcuffs.  Enjoy beauty in simplicity with this uniquely feminine collection that are perfect for your next cocktail hours.  Here are 3 must have sensual accessories to wear to your next cocktail hour:

Sensual Feminine Intimate Accessories  

Sensual Lingerie Accessories | French Kiss Bodtye

Discover sensuality and luxury at your next cocktail hour with this handcrafted lingerie harness.  Designed for the bedroom and beyond, this sensual accessory can easily be worn to your next cocktail hour.  Wear this lingerie harness with your white collared shirt and pencil skirt allowing it to peep through to entice any admirer.  Enjoy your sensuality and femininity with this luxurious lingerie harness.

Sensual Intimates | Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters

Be the centerfold that you are with these ultra-feminine leg garters designed to highlight your look with sensuality.  The Centerfold pearl leg garters feature a luxurious pearl strand and soft elastic fit so that you can wear them all day and all night.  Wear them under a skirt or even over leggings for a feminine and unique finish that is perfect for your next cocktail hour.

Feminine Intimates | Secrets Nipple Clamps

Surprise your loved one or leave your admirers wondering with these flirty and discreet nipple clamps designed to highlight your look with sensuality and flirtation.  The Secrets nipple clamps are designed to be worn under a loose shirt, a blazer or even just high-waisted panties to give your look a hint of femininity.  Enjoy sensuality and style at your next cocktail hour🥂