Confidence Boost 🎀 Feminine Accessories

Sometimes we might be a little unsure of ourselves.  We might second guess ourselves.  We might be apprehensive and unsure of our own abilities.  This can happen at work, when you are with your friends or even when you are all by yourself.  Having this cloud of confidence-busting bs around us can not only suck out any positivity you are feeling but also make you feel like you are not enough.  But you are.  You are enough.  You are worth it.  So dress like it.  Feminine accessories are designed to make you feel confident, independent and beautiful.  Because you are!  Having the right mix of feminine accessories can not only transform your look, but also transform your state of mind.  Because when you look good, you feel good!  There is nothing like a little confidence boost to give your mind and your look the finish you deserve to take on the day.  Here are a few feminine accessories to incorporate into your look when you need a confidence boost:

 Necktie Necklaces Confidence Feminine Accessories

Feminine Accessories || Centerfold Necktie Necklace 

Enjoy a menswear-inspired power boost with this luxuriously feminine necktie necklace inspired by the traditional suit and tie.  The Centerfold Necktie Necklace features a creamy glass pearl chain and contrasting black chain to give your look definition and style.  Wear this with your favorite white collared shirt, blouse or even a lingerie set.

Feminine Accessories || Enchantress Bow Belt 

Give your look the femininity and the finish it deserves with this ultra-modern and seductively simple bow belt!  This adjustable feminine accessory is perfect to wear with your favorite business suit, cocktail dress or whatever your heart desires.  A handcrafted satin tye centers the look, so you can wear it to the front, side or back!  Give your look the confidence it deserves!

Feminine Accessories || Femme Fatale Tyera Headband 

Flirt without a word in this simple and feminine bow headband!  Designed to be worn in any hairstyle you desire, the Femme Fatale bow headband features a soft satin tye and an elastic band so that you can wear it to the front, to the side, in an updo or even in a ponytail.  Give your look a confidence boost with this simple yet powerful feminine accessory!