Coquette Inspired Bow Jewelry

Trends. They come and they go. Cottagecore. Balletcore. The Coquette Aesthetic. But one thing we believe is that bows will always be in.  The soft life is something we live everyday and realizing accessorizing opportunities to play up our style game with femininity is what makes us thrive.  So having the Coquette aesthetic trend resonating with so many trendsetters is refreshing and reinforcing.  Our coquette collection of bow jewelry is a beautiful way to accessorize for this trend and when this trend goes.  Bows are always beautiful no matter what is trending.  Read on to discover fanciful accessories to complete somewhat minimalist looks with coquette bows and jewelry.

The Marie Antoinette Pink Bow Earrings

Inspired by ladies of the past, these delicate and undeniably feminine bow earrings tap into the understated coquette style.  Romantize your life like a Marie Antoinette with this luxurious velvet finish and creamy pearl teardrops.  Delight even the most minimalist look with subtle femininity with these classic and swoon-worthy pink bow earrings.

The XO White Bow Ring

Kiss everything you touch with coquette style in this simple and flirtatiously feminine bow ring from the XO Collection. Infuse romantic energy into every look you wish with this adjustable bow ring inspired that can be taken anywhere you wish.  Enjoy effortless trendsetting with this coquette-styled bow ring.  You'll be glad you did.

The Doll Black Bow Bracelet 

From the boudoir to the boardroom, this dainty and irresistibly feminine black bow bracelet from the Doll Collection argues that the most intimate pieces deserve their time in the spotlight.  A soft elastic wristband gives this bow bracelet a quiet luxury vibe that is so comfortable you'll want to it all the time.