Corner Office with Necktie Necklaces

Monday morning has come again and what are you going to wear today?  Whether you are working from home, going into the office, or heading into a big meeting, having powerful and impactful accessories are a beautiful way to make your look polished and professional.  The Necktyes Collection of handcrafted pearl neckties is designed to light up your wardrobe instantly.  These necktie-inspired necklaces are elegant, dainty yet powerful in design and structure allowing you to enjoy accessorizing like never before.  This collection is beautifully versatile so you can enjoy them at the office, at a client lunch or even out with friends, discover your power with these handcrafted necktie necklaces.  Here are 3 necktie necklaces you should consider incorporating into your look:

Necktie Necklace

Centerfold Necktie Necklace

Delight your look with femininity and style in this necktie necklace inspired to elicit the centerfold in you.  Create a powerful look with this feminine necktie necklace.  Perfect to pair with your favorite low cut shirt, blazer or sheer blouse, this feminine necktie necklace will take your style to professional elegance like never before.

Executive Necktie Necklace

Show off your skills with this elegant and dainty necktie necklace inspired to show off the executive that you are.  This handcrafted necktie necklace features beautiful petite pearls that are strategically placed throughout the necktie emitting a beautiful finish that you can create a variety of looks with.

Gossip Necktie Necklace 

Stir up a little gossip with this sultry and sophisticated necktie necklace.  Designed to frame your torso with seduction and femininity, this beautiful necktie necklace is simple and stylish.  Wear this necktie necklace with your favorite business suit, simple blouse or even take it into the bedroom with your favorite lingerie set.

love, tara