Cuffing SZN

We are in the midst of cuffing season. A time where we might want that someone to cuddle with, drink Starbucks with, spend late nights together with. But after the magic wears off and spring rolls around, we move on because we never really wanted a commitment in the first place. This is a magical time to live in the moment, to enjoy the festivity of the season and to find joy in each other, no matter what the outcome is. And these special moments call for special intimate accessories. Accessories that will light up your imagination. Intimate tools to unlock pleasure you never knew. There are ways you can enjoy spending intimate time with one another that you might not have ever explored if it were not for cuffing season. Ahead are three intimate accessories to consider as you make the most of these colder winter months:

Mademoiselle Tyecuffs Pearl Handcuffs

Discover where luxury and power collide in these ultra-feminine handcuffs designed to light up your inner most desires. Long satin tyes allow you to explore soft bondage around your wrists, ankles, or even thighs for a pleasure experience that you will want to repeat again and again. Enjoy the moment even more by giving these to your special someone and let them explore this intimate accessory how they please.

Kinkette Collar and Leash

Designed to be playful yet serious, this ultra-feminine collar and leash set makes play time even more exploratory. Soft elastic gives you the freedom, not the fear, to enact your most hidden desires. Lead the way with your partner and show them what you got with this collar and leash set designed for the beginner but strong enough for the most seasoned seductress.

Honey Niptyes Nipple Clamps

Sweeten your most intimate moments with sensations and surprises with the Honey Niptyes non-piercing nipple clamps. These petite yet powerful nipple clamps feature a petite satin tye to give you a flawlessly feminine finish. Light up your next strip tease or give them as an intimate gift, these intimate accessories are designed to make cuffing season even sweeter.