#CurrentMood with Shoe Accessories

Tonight is ladies' night and let's face it - we want to kick it with our friends and the ones we like the best.  So put your best foot forward and enjoy a little something something that you can enjoy today, tomorrow or anytime your heart desires.  Putting on your dancing shoes to light up the living room or walking around the hood with your man, having a beautiful array of shoe accessories is a great way make your steps a little more stylish and feminine.  The Heeltye Collection of feminine heel and shoe bows are designed to be worn with heels, sneakers, wedges and even flipflops.  So no matter if you are dressing it up or playing it cool there is something that you can rock effortlessly and beautifully.  Enjoy feminine accessorizing that's fresh and affordable. Here are 3 heel accessories that you can enjoy again and again for whatever #currentmood you are in:

 Heel Shoe Accessories

Highness Heel Accessories

Be the #queen that you are with these handcrafted heel accessories designed to go with you wherever you want to go. These sensual shoe bows can we be worn around your arches, heels or ankles or a sweet accent that you can wear with whatever your heart desires.  These layered tyes are a classic that you can enjoy season after season.  Now isn't that sweet?

Doll Heel Accessories

Be the doll that you are with these ultra-feminine shoe accessories that are wispy and flirty.  Inspired by all things elegant and feminine, these flirty heel accessories will transform any heel your heart desires.  Discover style in the simple things with these handcrafted satin tye accessories. 

Hickey Heel Accessories 

Make your mark with flirtation and style in these fashionable shoe bows designed to light up your walk.  The Hickey heel accessories feature a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic band that encircles the heel for a flirtatious finish you can enjoy wearing again and again.  Now go make your mark.

love, tara