Dating Essentials 🎀 Hair Accessories

The first impression.  It is something that you can never alter after it has been made.  Your look, your body language and your scent can have the largest impact without even truly realizing it.  Making a first impression that is favorable involves a lot of unsaid communication.  It can be a glance, a smile, a gesture.  That is what inspires the Hairtye Collection of adult black hair bows for women.  These ultra-feminine hair accessories are designed to sweeten any look without much effort.  Enjoy accessorizing effortlessly with these versatile and sophisticated hair bows that will transform any hairstyle you desire.  Whether your hair is all down, half up or even in a side pony, these feminine hair accessories made for the perfect first date accessorizing.  Enjoy a little femininity infused with style in these ultra-feminine hair bow combs that will make any hairstyle noticed.  Here are 3 adult hair accessories to enjoy on your next first date:

Black Hair Bows

Enchantress Hair Bow | Feminine Hair Accessories

Enchant any look you desire with this ultra-feminine hair bow designed to go with you wherever you go!  This handcrafted hair bow features a soft satin tye and salon-style hair comb so you can simply insert it into any hairstyle you desire and go!  Enjoy femininity effortlessly with this beautiful hair bow!

Doll Hair Bow | A Feminine Adult Black Hairtye

Enjoy a youthful finish that is so seductively simple you might want to wear this hair bow with every style everyday!  The Doll hairtye features a handcrafted satin tye and salon-style hair bow comb that will last and last.  Enjoy this feminine accessory on that first date or whenever your heart desires!

Princesa Hair Bow | A Beautifully Feminine Black Hair Bow

Be the princesa that you are with this ultra-feminine hair bow comb designed to elicit the Princesa in you!  This handcrafted black hair bow features a satin tye and sturdy hair comb that can be inserted into any look you please!

love, tara