Daylight Savings✨ 3 Feminine Accessories Under $30

When it comes to saving anything really, it should be on something that will bring more value to your life.  Whether it's a great deal on a new car, a new computer or somewhere in between.  But if you are looking for an instant lift in your look that will bring value and savings, than the Accessories Collection is for you!  This collection of simple and classic feminine accessories is the best way to accessorize any look on any budget.  Start your daylight savings off with these handcrafted accessories designed to make the most out of your look!  Whether you are looking for a new belt, a new hair accessory or even something to make your strut even sweeter, the Accessories Collection is designed to bring femininity, elegance and class to any look your heart desires.  Perfect to accent a casual look or a look that you want to dress up, you can enjoy transforming any look without spending more than $30.  Here are 3 feminine accessories that you can enjoy this Daylight Savings without having to break the bank:

Feminine Accessories

Feminine Accessories Under $30 | Kinkette Heeltyes

Enjoy flirtation and femininity with these simplistically sweet heel accessories designed to light up your steps.  The Kinkette Heel Accessories feature a sparkly elastic strap and handcrafted sparkly tye that you can wear around your heels, your ankles or even your calves.  Accessorizing has never been so sweet.

Feminine Accessories Under $30 | Heartbreaker Bow Belt

The Heartbreaker bow belt is the perfect way to light up any look.  This handcrafted black bow belt features a lead-free chain that celebrates your curves by draping them with style and femininity.  Wear this bow belt with your favorite black dress, jeans or nothing at all.

Feminine Accessories Under $30 |  Chantilly Black Lace Bow Headband 

Discover style in hair accessories with this ultra-versatile bow headband designed to light up any look with femininity.  This handcrafted lace bow headband features a soft pink ribbon and metallic lace that will instantly make any hairstyle more feminine and flirty all for under 30! 

love, tara