Discover Your Femininity with Hairtye Hair Bows

We see them.  We may like them.  We may not.  Hair bows are often associated with youthfulness, babies and teens.  But the Hairtyes Collection of adult hair bows takes a different approach.  This collection is designed for the young at heart that desire to have a sensual side.  Whether it's a walk in the park, a big day at work or just lounging around your boudoir.  This collection of feminine adult hair bows are designed to be as versatile as you! From petite to bold, from satin to velvet, this collection will never bore you and you can easily transform a bad hair day to an amazing one.  Ahead are 3 hair bow hairtyes that you should consider styling your hair with:

Black Hair Bows

Princesa Black Hair Bow 

Be as bold as you want with this beautifully feminine black hair bow inspired by the beauty of a crown.  This handcrafted black satin hair bow features a silver, salon-style hair comb that you can slide into an updo, a messy pony or with your hair simply down.  Enjoy accessorizing in a unique way with this feminine black hair bow!

Bougee Black Lace Hair Bow 

For when you are feeling that little bit of extra.  The Bougee black lace hair bow is lacy and lush, and is designed to go with you to formal events, first dates and boudoir bashes.  There is no stopping the elegance of this hair bow!  Simply insert this lacy hair accessory into your favorite hair style for a flawlessly feminine finish.

 Doll Black Hair Bow

You doll.  Yes you are.  Enjoy simple and beautiful hair accessorizing with this feminine and flirty black hair bow.  This hair bow features long wispy tails that you can enjoy wearing with a little black dress, business suit or even your favorite lingerie set.  There is no stopping versatile style with this beautifully feminine black hair bow!


love, tara