Do Me Proper Collection of Feminine Intimate Jewelry

Have you ever felt like you needed more respect?  That the world needs to have a little more appreciation, light and love?  There are times when we look to our closet to comfort us.  We want to feel good and we want to look good to get that admiration that we deserve and crave.  The Do Me Proper Collection of feminine intimate jewelry and accessories is designed to help satiate your craving for respect, love and appreciation.  Using a variety of different designs and categories, this collection is perfect for each phase of your day.  From the office to your boudoir, discover the sweet respect and love you deserve.  Here is a glance of this collection of feminine intimate jewelry:

Feminine Intimate Jewelry

Do Me Proper Nipple Clamp Necklace

Yes. This is it.  Nothing shows off your beautiful confidence and undeniable femininity quite like this intimate necklace designed to celebrate your womanhood.  Whether it's a secret treat for yourself to enjoy or a gift to the one you love, enjoy your sweet sensuality, again and again, no matter the occasion. Give yourself the sweet admiration that you deserve with this beautifully intimate nipple clamp necklace.

Do Me Proper Ringtye Bow Ring

Make everything you touch a little sweeter with this feminine bow ring designed to light up your jewelry game.  This petite and feminine bow ring is beautifully versatile so that you can wear it on any finger your heart desires.  Whether you are heading to the gym, the office or that second date, enjoy accessorizing effortlessly with this sweet and simple black bow ring. 

Do Me Proper Bow Necklace

Discover sweet respectability whenever you need to with this simple and sophistication bow necklace.  Perfect for the office, a dinner date or a trip to the art museum, this beautifully feminine black bow necklace will go with you wherever your heart desires.  Featuring a handcrafted black satin tye and lead-free chain drape, this beautiful bow necklace will show you the respect you deserve.


love, tara