Dressing For Confidence: 3 Simple Tips to Increase Your Confidence

What you wear is a reflection of you.  Your favorite colors.  Your preferences.  Your comfort level.  Deciding what to wear every day, can consist of a multitude of different variables going on in your life.  If you are feeling playful you might throw on kitten heels, if you are feeling lazy, that hoodie becomes more attractive.  Here are three simple tips to increase how to increase your confidence no matter what you decide to wear.

Necktie necklace confidence boost


The mood illustration method of dressing for confidence simply means that you dress to illustrate your current mood.  If you are already in a #currentmood, celebrate it by choosing pieces that underpin where you are at.  Whether it's athleisure or a business suit, reinforcing your current state of mind can be liberating, inspiring and yes, confidence boosting.


Another method to approach what you decide to wear every day is to dress for what you prepare to become.  As the saying goes, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have," is a way to inspire you to choose your style based on a future form of yourself.  Several style experts agree that how you decide to dress can impact your career trajectory.  So why not dress for the best future version of yourself to give you that extra confidence boost.


Adding an accessory that means something to you or reminds you of something can also help increase your confidence.  Whether it's a necklace passed down from your grandma or a flirty accessory reminding you of last summer, attaching an intrinsic value to an accessory can bring depth to your style bringing out your natural confidence.   Focal accessories are also great conversation starters, connecting you to the environment you are in and making connections with people you might not have had without a focal accessory.  Below are a few suggestions to accessorize for confidence: