Effortless Accessorizing For Your #CurrentMood

When it comes to the weekend, your #currentmood might be a little lazy, a little more chill and a little need to escape from the everyday.  While this is a wonderful time to reflect and audit your accessorizing strategy, having an assortment of go-to accessories is a beautiful and effortless way to enjoy your weekend.  Whether you are going for a walk in the park, brunching with friends or simply just lounging around your boudoir, enjoy the small details in life with some simple accessories.  From hair accessories to shoe fashion details, there is something that you can enjoy styling this weekend.  Here are 3 effortless accessorizing to satisfy your #currentmood.

Black Bow Bracelet

Ivy Tyelet • Black Bow Bracelet 

Amp up your wrist game with this simple black bow bracelet from the Ivy Collection.  Designed to go wherever you go, this handcrafted black bow bracelet features a double strap to give a hint of seductive simplicity.  Enjoy wearing this black bow bracelet with your favorite little black dress, lacy nothing or with whatever your heart desires.

Foxy Tyera • A Bow Headband

Unleash the foxy in you with this seductively effortless black headband designed to be worn with a variety of looks and styles.  From cocktail hour to yoga, this simple headband is available in black and white and can be worn like a crown, around an updo or however you like.  Enjoy effortless accessorizing with this simple feminine bow headband.

Coax Ankletye • A Simple Black Bow Anklet

What is a Coax?  A gentle persuasion of effortless style.  From the beach to a fancy dinner, this sleek and versatile black bow anklet is a beautiful way to sum up any look.  Wear this black bow anklet with your favorite little black dress or swimsuit, the options are all yours.  Discover effortless style for your #currentmood with this simple black bow anklet.

 love, tara