Elevator Talk✨Feminine Jewelry to Wear to Work

Let's face it.  When we are working it's hard to find the time to have a beautiful style.  Throwing on whatever is clean and heading out the door is a common ritual with many working women.  You are busy.  You have things to do.  So don't let what to wear stall you from being the best you.  Creating the time on the weekends or evenings to plan out accessories and outfits can set you up for success during the week.  Having a wide variety of feminine jewelry and accessories on hand is a great way to keep your look fresh, flirty and stylish.  Whether you are heading into the boardroom, a meeting or simply to your desk, or all the above, having beautiful feminine jewelry can transform your look instantly.  Here are a few pieces of feminine jewelry to add to your accessory style wardrobe:

Feminine Jewelry

Secrets Bow Necklace

Shh...it's a secret.  Enjoy the sweetest of accents in this ultra-feminine necklace from the Secrets Collection!  This handcrafted necklace features handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free chain that dangle down the torso with a seductive sparkle.  Flirting with your style has never been sweeter.  Wear this with your favorite collared shirt or blazer.  It's time to take control of your style.

 French Kiss Necktie Necklace

 Kiss your style with sweet luxury in the French Kiss Necktie Necklace!  This ultra-feminine necktie necklace features lead-free chain and a creamy glass pearl detail to give your look a beautiful finish.  This powerful yet feminine necktie necklace is perfect to wear with your blazer or collared shirt.  Kiss your style with sweet femininity in this necktie necklace!

Bombshell Bow Bracelet 

Find elegance in simplicity in this ultra-feminine bow bracelet from the Bombshell Collection!  This sweet and feminine bracelet is perfect to wear with whatever your heart desires.   Flirt with accessorizing strategies by adding this simple yet impactful bow bracelet to your day and evening look.  It's as versatile as you are and is so comfortable you might never want to take it off:)