Erotic Accessories for Valentine's Day

Dim the lights down low and allow your imagination to explore new areas of your sensuality with erotic accessories this Valentine's Day.  Whether you want to pour yourself a glass of wine and take a hot bath or go out on the town with your lover or friends, having erotic accessories in your wardrobe is a beautiful way to accessorize your femininity. Accessorizing a dress, lingerie or just your bare skin can completely transform your look and uplift your mood this Valentine's Day.  Ignite your style and give yourself permission to try new erotic accessories.  Try handcuffs.  A new body chain.  Or even nipple clamps.  Here are a few erotic accessories to try this Valentine's Day:

 Invitation Nipple Covers Pasties


 Kiss your torso with sweet luxury in the French Kiss pearl body chain lingerie harness!  This hybrid of a body chain and a lingerie harness makes it the perfect erotic accessory to wear when you want to light up your sensuality.  Wear this erotic body chain lingerie harness under a shirt, over a body contouring dress or simply with nothing but your skin.  Flirt with your sensuality with this erotic accessory.


 Experience the sweetest of sensations with these kink-inspired nipple clamps from the Kinkette Collection!  These sultry and seductive nipple clamps feature a handcrafted sparkly choker with a beautiful lead-free chain to create an evocative look that you can enjoy yourself or surprise someone you love.  Evoke your style with this feminine erotic accessory.


Enjoy the sweetest of surrender with the Vixen sparkly handcuffs designed to create sweet intimate moments.  Designed with the beginner in mind, the Vixen sparkly handcuffs ignite the power and passion with versatility so that you can explore bondage in whichever way you prefer.  Be the vixen you are with these feminine and erotic accessories!