Ex's & Oh's: A Guide to Feminine Jewelry

A kiss. Sometimes that's all it takes to fall in love.  A few words.  That's all it takes to become an ex. These small actions can have a major impact on your destiny.  It's the same with jewelry.  Even the smallest detail can make the biggest impact on your style. This is the inspiration behind the XO Collection.  To honor and appreciate the smallest details knowing that they carry an underlying importance that may not always be readily apparent.  Here is a quick overview of each item in the collection:


Each step you take leads you to your destiny in this world, so why not make them sweeter with these ultra-feminine heel accessories!  A soft elastic encircles the heel, ankle or calves for a flawlessly feminine finish.  Transform any pair of heels instantly with the simple touch of the XO Heeltyes heel accessories.


Make your boudoir even sweeter with the irresistibly feminine touch of the XO leg garters!  These ultra-versatile leg garters are perfect to wear under a skirt, in your boudoir or whenever you want to add a little sensual sweetness to your style!


Effortless accessorizing starts here with the XO ringtye bow ring.  Simply slip this beautifully handcrafted bow ring around whatever finger you desire to create a sensually sweet statement!  A soft satin tye accents an adjustable ring band so you can wear it on whatever finger you desire. 


Kiss your ears with an alluring and sweet statement in the XO eartyes bow earrings!  These feminine bow earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain and earwires.   Wear them with your favorite work outfit, out with the ladies or on a date, these versatile bow earrings are perfect to go wherever you desire.