Fashion Accessories for your #HomeSalon

As we enter almost a month of #quarantinelife, it might be getting hard.  Hard to focus, hard to stay on your routine, hard to stay motivation.  Taking short cuts might be the easiest route and you want to take it. You want to dye your hair, but you can't go to a salon.  So you are thinking about doing the damn thing yourself.  Let me assure you.  This will pass in due time.  And until we can all go out and get back to be as normal as we can be, there are fashion accessories that can help you with whatever you need.  A new hairstyle.  There are hair bows that are perfect to wear.  A new wardrobe. There are bow belts that can help with that.  Want to feel empowered?  There are necktie necklaces that are designed to elicit your confidence.  So no matter what you are experiencing right now, no matter how you want to make the most of this time, there are fashion accessories that will help brighten your day.  Here are 3 fashion accessories that will help uplift your style, mind and attitude any time you need them:

bow necklaces fashion accessories

Bow Necklaces • Do Me Proper Bowtye

When you want something to enlighten your décolleté with femininity and sophistication, look no further than the Do Me Proper bow necklace from the Do Me Proper Collection!  This handcrafted bow necklace features a soft satin tye and lead-free chain that delicately drapes around the neck for a flirtatiously feminine finish that we all love x 

Bow Belts • Starlet Bow Belt 

Make any style sparkle with this handcrafted black bow belt designed to light up your look effortlessly.  This black bow belt features spiky, star-inspired tyes and a soft elastic adjustable that you can enjoy with that little black dress, lingerie set or with whatever your heart desires.

Black Hair Bows • Princesa Hairtye 

Crown any hairstyle with femininity, style and elegance with this handcrafted black hair bow from the Princesa Collection!   This handcrafted black hair bow is an instant classic and effortlessly blends into your favorite updo, ponytail or whatever hairstyle your heart desires.  Be the princesa that you are with this classic black hair bow! 

love, tara