Feminine Accessories: Bow Anklets for Spring BreakūüĆł

It's almost March!  That means it is almost time for Spring Break!  That time of the year when we switch the clocks forward so we get more sunshine!  Now is an excellent time to shed the winter clothes and accessories and bring it new fresh spring fashion accessories.  It's time to show off those legs and anklets to the world that have been hiding behind pants and jackets all winter long.  Deciding what fashion accessories to procure for spring is a common challenge when a new season arrives. Blending what's on trend with a few classics is a careful and thoughtful balance you must achieve in your accessory wardrobe.  Giving yourself the variety and the options you need to create a balanced and strategic accessory wardrobe is not always easy.  So here are 3 anklets that you need in your life this spring break:

Fashion Bow Anklets for Spring

Princesa Anklet

Flirt with your femininity in this radiately beautiful bow anklet designed to illuminate each step with grace and beauty.  This feminine fashion accessory bow anklet is perfect to wear with that little black dress or boudoir attire.  Make each step count with this beautifully feminine bow anklet!  This bow anklet features a handcrafted satin tye and rhinestone mesh detail that you can wear from dawn to dusk!

Fringe with Benefits Anklet 

Add a hint of playful femininity to each step with these fringe anklets designed to evoke your sensual side.  The Fringe with Benefits bow anklets are inspired by 1920s flappers who enjoyed life and took risks.  Go on an adventure with these must have fringe anklets.  Wear these feminine accessories with your favorite black dress for a night on the town or whenever your heart desires.

 Invitation Anklet

ÔĽŅExperience the beauty of each step with this feminine and bondage-inspired bow anklet!¬† This bow anklet features a double elastic strap and a handcrafted satin tye that is so comfortable that you can wear it from dawn to dusk.¬† Invite sensual femininity into your look with this versatile bow anklet!¬† Wear this anklet with your favorite going out outfit, boudoir underthings or nothing at all :)

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