Feminine Accessories: Bow Belts

Accessories are like the punctuation to your style statement.  Strict editing and careful thought need to go into selecting and strategically placing each accessory you decide to integrate into your look.  Tye it together with the simple addition of feminine jewelry and accessories.  No matter where this world takes you, having the right look with the right accessories is like a balancing act.  That is why having bow belts for every occasion makes your style classic and versatile.  Here are a few bow belts you can go from dawn to dusk in:


Enchant your style with the simple addition of the Enchantress bow belt!  This versatile bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable belt so that you can wear it any way you desire.  Wear this feminine bow belt like an empress waist, low around the hips, through jean loops or even around back for a sensual statement.  The styling options are all yours with this versatile bow belt.  Let the enchantress bow belt be your companion wherever you decide to go.


How to be a heartbreaker.  Rule number 1.  You have to have fun.  Rule number 2.  Wear this bow belt on you;)  The Heartbreaker bow belt is a sensual and versatile bow belt that features a handcrafted satin tye and dramatic chain drape to make any style instantly feminine and flirty.  Wear the Heartbreaker bow belt with your favorite dress or simple shirt to instantly transform your look. This feminine bow belt is perfect to wear all day and all night.


Simplicity is elegant with this ultra-versatile and undeniably feminine bow chain belt from the Honey Collection!  Whether you are heading into the office or dancing the night away, the Honey Bow Belt is the perfect addition to wherever this world takes you.  Inspired by the sweet taste of honey, the Honey bow belt is perfect to loop through jeans, wear with a simple dress or with nothing at all.  Enjoy the sweet versatility of the Honey bow belt!