Feminine Freedomūüíó Sparkly Nipple Covers

The #freethenipple movement has ignited a lot of awareness about showing skin and equality between the genders in regards to this.  Allowing women to openly wear nothing on top is a liberating feeling.  Flirt with your femininity with the feeling of freedom in the Pastyes nipple covers collection.  This collection is designed for the adventurous female who enjoys a little skin while celebrating her sensuality.  The Pastyes collection features a different array of nipple covers that are designed to highlight your femininity.  Enjoy the freedom of wearing nothing with the security of covering it all with this feminine collection of nipple covers.  Here is a look at a few nipple covers you need in your life:

Pastyes | Pasties Nipple Covers  

Daisy Nipple Covers

Flirt with your femininity in these elegantly sensual nipple covers designed to highlight your look with sweet femininity.  The Daisy pasties nipple covers feature a beautiful chiffon flower and a handcrafted organza tye.  Each pastye nipple cover has a soft felt backing and comes with adhesive tape so that you can wear them again and again.

Pearlure Nipple Covers

Discover elegance in your sensuality with these classically feminine nipple covers designed to evoke a little playfulness.  The Pearlure nipple covers are a sparkly nipple accessory that features a handcrafted satin tye and elegant teardrop pearl so that you can experience elegance in your boudoir anytime.  Find your sensual style with the Pearlure nipple covers.

Vanity Nipple Covers

Show your love with these flirty nipple covers inspired by all things love.  The Vanity nipple covers feature a heart shape design with a handcrafted satin tye so that you can make delight your style with the symbol of love.  Each nipple cover comes with adhesive tape so that you can enjoy them over and over.  Share in the joy of freedom with these feminine nipple covers!

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