Feminine Headbands for Your Next Workout

Sometimes you just need to sweat it out.  Turn up those headphones and let your body enjoy a good workout.  Running on the treadmill, lifting weights or stepping up on the stairclimber, there are a lot of different ways you can enjoy a good workout.  And the last thing you want to be worried about is your hair.  You don't want it in your face, falling down or getting in the way of your focus when you are enjoying a heated yoga or spin class, now do you?  The Tyeras Collection of feminine headbands helps you maintain your mane while you are working out.  These versatile headbands are designed to go with you wherever you go, so take them to yoga, to brunch with your friends or even on a first date.  Enjoy a little flirtation and style with this collection of effortless hair accessories.   Here are 3 feminine headbands you should consider for your next #motivationmonday: 

Foxy Tyera • An Evocatively Feminine Headband

Inspired to elicit the fox in you, this beautifully feminine headband is an evocatively sensual way to style your hair.  This feminine headband features a sexy picot trim elastic and a soft satin tye that will easily accent any look your heart desires.  Wear the tye to the top, side or around the back for a feminine finish you can enjoy anywhere your heart desires.

 Lady Tyera • A Simple Feminine Headband

Discover ladylike style with this flirty and feminine bow headband from the Lady Collection!  This headband features a beautifully soft elastic that can be easily worn with a messy bun, ponytail or even with your hair down.  Keeping your hair off your face has never been so ladylike!  Discover beautiful accessorizing with this feminine headband available in black, white and pink!

 Chantilly Tyera • A Lacy Headband

Take a little elegance with you wherever you go with this feminine headband designed to light up your look.   Beautiful chantilly styled lace blends with the beauty of satin to create a look that you can dress up or down.  Take this feminine headband with you to the gym or even to a fancy black-tie event, the options are all yours with this lacy headband!


 love, tara