Feminine Jewelry✨Bow Earrings for Everyday

A great pair of earrings can light up your look instantly.  There are several different earrings that you can select from.  Bold statement earrings to dainty earring studs. Bold statement earrings are perfect for a dramatic look that is more suitable in the evening where as dainty earrings are perfect for the day and night for a more casual look.  No matter the kind of earrings you choose, having the confidence to wear them will give your look a feminine and thoughtful finish.  Choosing the right pair of earrings involves a few questions you need to ask yourself:  

  • How will these look once I have them on?
  • How often will I wear them?
  • Do they complement my eyes and my face?
  • What kind of statement will I make wearing them?

Bow earrings make a feminine touch to any look you decide to go for.  Whether you are heading to the office or on a beach vacation, allow the Eartyes Bow Earrings Collection go with you wherever you go.  Here are a few bow earrings that you should add into your jewelry wardrobe: Bow Earrings Feminine Jewelry

Vanity Bow Earrings

Dainty your look with the sweetest of accents in the Vanity bow earrings!  These petite yet powerful bow earrings are a beautiful way to femininize any look you desire.  With dainty tyes that dangle playfully and lead-free lever back ear wires make this look a sweetly feminine and as versatile as you want them to be. 

Femme Fatale Bow Earrings 

Simplicity is sweet with these versatile and feminine bow earrings.  The Femme Fatale bow earrings feature handcrafted satin tyes and a lead-free earring stud that makes them so comfortable to wear that you can wear them from dusk to dawn.  Perfect with a business suit or a little black dress, these bow earrings can easily be a staple in your jewelry wardrobe.

Secrets Bow Earrings

Delight your style with feminine accents with the Secrets bow earrings.  These simple and beautiful bow earrings create a beautiful finish with whatever you decide to wear.  The Secrets bow earrings feature a handcrafted organza tye and lead-free chain so you can wear them whenever your heart desires.