Feminine Jewelry for Ladies Night

It only happens one night a week.  It's a time for celebration that the week is almost over and the weekend is just a day away!  Thursday nights are for the ladies.  This gathering of togetherness allows us to reflect on our week, our lives and our struggles together.  So enjoy this time with feminine jewelry.  Feminine jewelry like bow necklaces, kitten chokers, necktie necklaces, bow earrings, bracelets and bow earrings are a beautiful way to highlight any look.  Whether you are heading out to dance the night away or just want to be lounging and chill, there is something in the Jewelry Collection for every mood and every kind of setting.  Enjoy your femininity and celebrate it with your #girlgang in the Jewelry Collection of beautifully handcrafted baubles designed to effortlessly enhance any look you so desire.  Ahead are 3 pieces of feminine jewelry to wear to your next ladies night and beyond:

Feminine Jewelry

Feminine Jewelry | Lady Black Choker

Enjoy style in simplicity with this ultra-feminine black choker designed to go with you wherever you want to go!  This intricately detailed elastic bow choker features tyes that sit on the nape of the neck for a beautifully feminine finish.  Enjoy accessorizing for your next ladies night with this must have black choker!

Feminine Jewelry | Executive Necktie Necklace 

Own your style with this dainty and beautifully handcrafted necktie necklace designed to light up your look instantly.  The Executive necktie necklace features dramatic black chain contrasting against creamy glass pearls to make a sophisticated and sensual statement.

Feminine Jewelry | Do Me Proper Bow Ring 

Give your fingers a little feminine touch with this simple and sweet bow ring designed to go with you wherever you go!  This handcrafted satin tye black bow ring is adjustable so you can wear it for cocktail hour anytime:)

love, tara