Feminine Jewelry for Mom's Day✨

Today is a day for moms.  A special where we cherish the moms in our life. Their selfless reliance is a beautiful assurance knowing that we always have someone that has our back.  Whether you are close to your mom, not close to your mom, your mom is no longer with us, or you don't know who your mom is, you can still celebrate the presence and beauty of motherhood.  The Jewelry Collection of feminine necklaces, bow rings, bracelets and earrings is designed to highlight everything that a mom is.  Beautiful, soft, feminine and reliable, each piece is designed to emit a beautiful radiance that you can adapt to a variety of different looks and styles.  Here are 3 pieces of feminine jewelry that you can enjoy this mom's day and every day: Feminine Jewelry

Black Bow Bracelet • Duchess Tyelet

Looking for an easy accessory that you can throw on whenever you need a little sweetness in your life?  The Duchess black bow bracelet is designed to light up your look with femininity and style.  This bow bracelet features a soft elastic wrist band that you can wear comfortably all day and all night.  Enjoy feminine accessorizing this moms day with this handcrafted tulle bow bracelet.

Bow Pearl Earrings • Marie Antoinette Eartyes 

Where luxury and femininity collide.  These feminine bow earrings feature a teardrop pearl that emits a beautiful luxury that you can take anywhere you want to go.  Perfect for brunch, an afternoon tea, or whenever you want to add a little luxury to your life.  Delight your look instantly with the Marie Antoinette bow earrings.

Pearl Choker • Mademoiselle Bowtye 

Create a luxurious statement with this bold and beautiful pearl choker from the Mademoiselle Collection.   Inspired by all things luxury, this beautiful pearl choker features a dramatic look satin tye closure that you can wear to the back or off to the side of a feminine statement you can make again and again.  Wear this pearl choker with your favorite little black dress, sexy nothing or whatever your heart desires.

love, tara