Feminine Jewelry for that First Date

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking.  Deciding where to go, what to say and especially what you are going to wear are all factors that go into making an amazing first impression.  Having the confidence to go on that first date can take a lot of preparation time so having a game plan for what you are going to wear is important to make you as confident as you can be.  Feminine jewelry is a great way to accessorize any look.  Whether you are heading into a fancy restaurant or a dive bar, feminine jewelry is a beautiful way to make your look complete.  From bow necklaces to rings to bracelets to earrings, framing your style with femininity is a wonderful way to finish that first date look. Invitation Bow Bracelet

Invitation Bow Bracelet Cuff

Design your look around feminine accents like this beautifully handcrafted bow bracelet.  This bow bracelet is inspired by bondage and lingerie, so it gives your look a sexy yet feminine.  Wear this bow bracelet with your favorite little black dress, catsuit or lingerie set.  Allow the boudoir and the streets collide in this versatile and bold bow bracelet from the Invitation Collection!

La Sophisticate Bow Necklace

Where luxury and style collide.  The La Sophisticate bowtye bow necklace is a beautiful way to transform your look.  This intelligently designed and undeniably feminine look will give your style a hint of sophisticated femininity.  This bow necklace features a handcrafted satin tye and luxurious creamy glass pearl so that you can wear it to make a beautiful first impression.  Highlight your decollete with versatility and femininity.

Do Me Proper Bow Earrings

Delight your style with the sweetest of accents in the Do Me Proper bow earrings.  These earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain so that you can wear them from dawn to dusk.  Not only is this feminine jewelry perfect to wear for a first date, but it will also go with you wherever your heart desires.  Flirt with your femininity.