Feminine Jewelry For Work

What are you going to wear to work?  There are many options that cater to the professional environment.  A blazer.  Slacks.  Capris.  Collared shirts.  No matter what you decide to wear, it's the icing on the cake that truly makes the difference.  But you ask, what do you mean by the icing on the cake?  Well, my love, those are the accessories, the jewelry and extras that go into making your look really your look.  They make your look unique.  Everyone can buy the same shirt, but it's how you style it that's going to make the true difference.  Feminine jewelry can transform your look without much effort. Adding a necklace, a bracelet, a ring or even a hair accessory is the perfect way to effortlessly style your look without much investment.  Accessorizing is the key to styling success.  Discover your own unique style by adding different feminine jewelry and accessories to your look to develop an accessorizing strategy that is all your own.  Here are a few designs of feminine jewelry and accessories that you need in your work life:

Feminine Jewelry and Accessories

Feminine Jewelry | Do Me Proper Bow Earrings

Discover simplicity and style in these versatile bow earrings designed to highlight your femininity, confidence and independence.  The Do Me Proper bow earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain and ear wires so that you can wear them all day and all night.  Perfect with a business suit or for cocktail hour, these simply feminine bow earrings are the perfect way to accessorize any look.

Feminine Jewelry | Femme Fatale Bow Choker  

Delight your decollete with the sweetest of accents in this sophisticatedly feminine bow choker.   The Femme Fatale bow choker is inspired by all things menswear but is feminine enough to incorporate into your professional image.  Wear this under a collared shirt, with a blouse or whenever you want that hint of sophisticated femininity.  

Feminine Jewelry | Hickey Bow Bracelet 

Accessorize your look with sweet simplicity in this versatile bow bracelet that is designed to go with you wherever you go.  The Hickey bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and the satin wrist band that you can wear whenever your heart desires.  Discover your own unique style with this flirty and feminine bow bracelet.