Feminine Lingerie Harnesses You Can Wear Everyday 🎀

Lingerie as outwear is a powerful statement. It is something that is not new, but something everyone should try.  Lingerie as outerwear really started as far back as 1920s when flappers worn teddies like dresses.  The trend carried on into the 1980s, when Madonna worn her iconic bustier cone bra with a business suit blazer to further underpin this trend.  Today, there are lots of examples of lingerie as outerwear.  Most notable, the #freethenipple movement with lots of images circulating around Instagram with *almost* topless photos and see-thru bralettes igniting the conversation. As well as ultra-lacy bras peeking through the tops of shirts and underneath long sleeves and blazers.  There are a lot of ways you can utilize this trend, and more brilliant ideas come forward everyday proving this trend to be timeless.  Lingerie harnesses have become a popular product because of this trend.  Stemming from the roots of bondage, lingerie harnesses feature strappy designs that can easily be worn over dresses, shirts or blouses to create a feminine statement instantly.  Here are a few lingerie harnesses that you should consider when you want to take a bedroom-inspired look into the streets:

Femme Fatale Lingerie Harness

Lingerie Harness | Femme Fatale Bodtye

Inspired by menswear, this perfect cross over piece makes for something that you can wear to the office, out to drinks or behind closed doors.  The Femme Fatale lingerie harness features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic straps that caress the torso to ignite a feminine statement.  Pair this lingerie harness with a crisp collared shirt to create a feminine statement.

Lingerie Harness | Lady Bodtye 

Be the lady that you are with this suspender-style lingerie harness designed to accessorize any look you desire.  The Lady lingerie harness features an intricate elastic and clean lines that permit versatility and style.  Design a look that is all your own by wearing it with a t-shirt, a dress or your favorite lingerie set!

Lingerie Harness | Blush Cage Bra

Celebrate your curves with this ultra-feminine cage bra that can light up your boudoir or office with seductively sweet style.  The Blush Bratye cage bra features soft elastic straps and handcrafted satin tyes that you an easily wear with your favorite dress, shirt or whatever your heart desires.  Make your look blush. ✨


love, tara