Feminine Menswear | Lingerie Harnesses & Sensual Intimates

Delight any look with a hint of femininity with something completely unexpected.  Menswear.  Yes, menswear.  Using inspiration from traditionally masculine accessories, the Bodtyes Collection of sensual intimates and lingerie accessories is designed to transform any look your heart desires!  Add these sensual intimates to your favorite dress, business suit or not a thing at all to give them a hint of femininity and class.  When you don't want to invest in a new something something but you want the newness of one, let accessorizing be your answer!  With flirty touches and beautiful versatility, this collection of lingerie harnesses contours your frame with elegance and sophistication.   Discover style like never before by adapting lingerie harnesses into your style to transform your look.  Here are some sensual intimates and lingerie accessories you should consider when you are looking for something fresh for the new year!

Sensual Lingerie and Menswear-inspired Intimates

Foxy Lingerie Harness

Be the fox that you are with this ultra-feminine and undeniably evocative lingerie harness designed to light up your wardrobe.  Utilizing sexy picot trim and simple lines, this handcrafted lingerie harness makes for the perfect companion no matter where you go!

Bougie Lingerie Harness

Inspired by all things extra, this lingerie harness is deceptively simply and ultra-flirty.  The Bougie lingerie harness features a flirty and feminine lace that encircles the torso and is accented on the side with a handcrafted tye.  Wear this over a tight dress, with your favorite collared shirt or nothing at all:)

Hickey Lingerie Harness 

Make your mark with this ultra-feminine lingerie harness that is as simple as it is sexy!  A petite satin tye accents the torso while soft elastic encircle the body.  Wear this with your favorite lingerie set or throw it over a tight shirt to completely transform it!  Allow sensual accessorizing define your look with the simple addition of this lingerie harness!


love, tara