Follow Me 🎀 3 Feminine Bracelets To Take Everywhere

When it's the weekend, it's time to enjoy a little space.  Space to think freely.  To enjoy the activities you want to enjoy.  To simply consume the moments of freedom that are sometimes so limited.  Your style can also reflect this altitude, this freedom, this beautiful free-flowing space that is ultimately up to you on how to invest it.  The Tyelet Collection of bow bracelets is designed for the discerning female that wants to enjoy life, create style and take it with her everywhere.  The innate versatility found in the Tyelet Collection is a beautiful and simple style statement that will pretty much go with you wherever you go.  To the office, out with friends or on that first date.  Wearing this collection of bow bracelets is as effortless as is it stylish.  Enjoy style with the confidence, independence and femininity you deserve with this classic and feminine collection of bow bracelets.  Here are a few bracelets that will follow you wherever you go. 

Feminine Jewelry | Bombshell Bow Bracelet 

Enjoy a little flirtation and a little style with this flirty and feminine bow bracelet designed to light up your look with feminine style.  This bow bracelet features a soft satin bracelet and handcrafted satin tye so that you can wear it anytime your heart desires.  Perfect to wear to work, out on the town or even just lounging around your boudoir.   Enjoy style effortlessly with this flirty bow bracelet!

Feminine Jewelry | Femme Fatale Bow Bracelet 

Demure and devilish.  This designed bow cuff is the perfect way to create a bold statement when you don't want to put in a lot of effort.  This soft satin bow bracelet features handcrafted satin tyes and a soft elastic fit.  It's so comfortable to wear, you might not want to take it off!  Enjoy feminine style with this bold and unique bow cuff bracelet!

Feminine Jewelry | Hickey Bow Bracelet

Sometimes a little goes a long way with this simple and feminine bow bracelet designed to light up your look with a dainty and feminine accent.  This bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and soft satin bracelet with clasp closure.  Enjoy style effortlessly with this flirty and feminine bow bracelet!