For Her Majesty: A Collection of Feminine Jewelry

Enchant your style with beauty and royalty-inspired accents in a collection of feminine jewelry and sensual intimates designed to create a statement look.  The Majesty Collection features soft organza tyes that are designed to highlight your look with femininity and make accessorizing flirty and effortless.  This bold yet simple collection of jewelry and accessories makes is so versatile you can incorporate them into a variety of looks.  Inspired by the beautiful shape of tiaras, the Majesty Collection uses exclusive designs that you can use to make this look all your own.  Here is a quick look at all the items in this feminine collection:


Sensually is a style in this unique and beautiful hand chain inspired to create a look that is feminine and original.  This feminine hand chain features a handcrafted organza tye and lead-free chain that drapes around the hand to make a feminine statement.  Wear this hand chain with your favorite cocktail dress or in your boudoir to celebrate your femininity.


Create a sensual statement that is irresistibly feminine in the Majesty Nipple Clamps!  These seductive yet simple nipple clamps feature soft organza tyes and lead-free chain to give your look a feminine and sensual finish.  Wear the Majesty nipple clamps with your favorite low cut shirt or lingerie set, or with nothing at all.


Nothing says sensual quite like the soft touch of organza tyes in this exclusively-designed necklace.  Highlight your neck with femininity and class with this handcrafted bow necklace.  Soft organza tyes encircle the neck while lead-free chain dangle sensually down the torso to give you a look that is original and feminine.


Kiss your torso with the sweetest of accents in the Majesty Body Chain!  This feminine accessory is a beautiful way to accessorize any look you desire.  This body chain is perfect to wear with a dress to give it dimension,  your favorite bikini or in your boudoir with a lingerie set.  The styling options are all yours in this feminine body chain!