Glam Time✨ Feminine Hair Accessories

Self care is important.  Not only does it help you become more productive and relaxed, it helps you gain clarity for whatever is to come.  Having your hair done, a manicure did, or that massage you've been craving, taking care of yourself is always something that you should regularly do.  Taking the time to take care of yourself is an important part of how you look and feel.  That is why the Tyeras Collection of feminine hair accessories is inspired to transform any hairstyle with it's simple addition.  These feminine headbands come in a variety of different styles so you can go big and bold or play it cool.  Having your hair pulled back, down with lots of curls or however you desire, the Tyera Collection of feminine hair accessories is an important way to create a look that you love will keeping your hair off your face so you can focus on what really matters.  No matter if you are going to work, out with friends or dancing the night away, the Tyera Collection of feminine hair accessories has got you.  Here are 3 feminine hair accessories to consider to wear on your next self care adventure:

Feminine Hair Accessories

Feminine Hair Accessories | FaireFox Tyera

Delight your style with femininity and versatility in this edgy yet sweet feminine headband.  The FaireFox bow headband features a soft handcrafted satin tye and picot-trimmed elastic that you can wear to the gym, to work or whenever your heart desires.  Allow this flirty hair accessory to go with you wherever you go!

Feminine Hair Accessories | Kinkette Tyera

A little sparkly never hurt nobody.  Enjoy a sensual sparkle with this bold yet versatile bow headband!  The Kinkette Tyera headband features a handcrafted glitter tye and soft elastic band that encircles the hair.  Wear the tye to the top, to the side or even underneath for a beautiful statement you can make again and again.

Feminine Hair Accessories | Lady Tyera

Discover beauty in versatility with this ultra-feminine bow headband designed to delight any look you desire!  This feminine hair accessory features an intricate elastic detail and handcrafted tye that you can wear to the front, to the side or even to the back!  Enjoy feminine hair accessories like never before!