Going Up On A Tuesday: Necktie Necklaces

It's Tuesday.  A day that is dedicated to making Friday look that much better.  So brighten up the present and allow sweet style to enter your look with necktie necklaces.  These feminine, menswear-inspired necktie necklaces are designed to give your look a professional finish with a feminine twist.  Unveil the opportunities to accessorize by simply adding these to your favorite work outfit, business suit, or boudoir attire.  Flirt with your femininity in these must-have necktie necklaces!  This collection is designed to give your look the touch it needs to create a beautiful finish anytime and with any outfit you desire.  These flirty necktie necklaces are so versatile you can wear them on a Tuesday or any day of the week really!  Here are a few necktie necklaces you can accessorize with:

Necktie Necklacea

Knockout Necktie Necklace

Knock 'em dead with this beautifully versatile necktie necklace designed to give your look feminine and stylish finish.  This necktie necklace features lead-free chain with a draping look accent so it's perfect to wear under a collared shirt, a blazer or even your favorite lingerie set!  Enjoy the versatility of this simple yet bold necktie necklace!

BlackMail Necktie Necklace 

Give them something to talk about with this trendy and feminine necktie-inspired necklace!  This necktie necklace features a black collar and gold chain so that you can give your look a little edge without much effort.  Wear this necktie necklace with whatever your heart desires.  Accessorize your style with this ultra-feminine necktie necklace!

 La Sophisticate Necktie Necklace

Give your look the sophistication it desires with this luxuriously feminine necktie necklace!  A single glass pearl accents this beautifully feminine and imaginatively versatility necktie necklace!  Wear it with your favorite shirt, tube top or even your favorite lingerie set.  Discover sophistication in femininity with this luxury-inspired necktie necklace!