Hair Chains for Every Hairstyle

Sometimes you wear it down.  Sometimes you put it in a messy ponytail and then there are those times you simply can not decide how to style your hair.  Hairstyling is a wonderful way to transform your look with a little effort and some patience.  Curling your hair, flat ironing your hair or just letting it go can say a lot about your style and makes that first impression memorable.  But why is it overlooked time and time again?  Giving your hair a finished look can be as easy as wearing a hair chain.  Using hair accessories to accentuate your hairstyle is an important styling technique that you can use every day.  No matter how you decide to style your hair, here are a few hair chain accessories and headbands that you need to make your hairstyle feminine, finished and stylish.


Flirt with your femininity in this simple and elegant headband designed to make your style look beautifully feminine.  This lace headband features a metallic eyelet lace and soft satin ribbon accent to give any hairstyle a hint of stylish femininity.  Wear this lace headband to yoga, to work or out with friends.  This beautifully versatile headband will go with you wherever this world takes you.


Designed for luxury but made for practicality, the French Kiss pearl hair chain is a beautiful hair chain accessory that you can style in many ways.  Wear this pearl hair chain with a messy bun or even just sitting with it like a crown, this pearl hair chain is a beautiful hair chain that you can dress up or down.  This pearl hair chain features a handcrafted organza tye that can sit at the nape of the neck of a sensual statement and a sweet surprise detail.


Accessorizing has never been sweeter than with this simplistically sweet bow hair chain from the Vice Collection!  This simple and feminine hair chain features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain so that you can wear it all day and all night long.  This bow hair chain can be worn with a messy ponytail or polished updo, the versatility is beautiful with this simple and stylish bow hair chain.