Honeymoon Style 🎀 3 Must Have Bridal Pasties

It's time.  Time to relax.  Time to enjoy.  Time to let go.  It's your honeymoon after all and this is where amazing memories are made.  Whether you've jetted off to an exotic location or popular European city, making the most of these romantic moments together is an important part of marriage and life.  Having the right fashion accessories to take along with you is also important.  You deserve to have the tools that will make you feel confident, independent and feminine.  No matter if you are sightseeing around a city or far out in the ocean, select the right fashion accessories that will go with you and make your moments together even sweeter.  That is in inspired behind the Bridal Collection of bridal jewelry, accessories and intimates.  Each piece is designed to make you feel beautiful and versatile enough to take with you on more than just your wedding day.  Make your honeymoon something to remember with Bridal Pasties.  Bridal pasties are inspired by all things feminine and make the perfect boudoir companion for wherever your honeymoon takes you.  Here are 3 must-have bridal pasties for your honeymoon:

Bridal Nipple Covers Pasties

Bridal Nipple Covers | Vanity Pastyes 

 Say yes to sensual style with these love-inspired nipple covers designed to make your most intimate moments even more memorable.  The Vanity Pastyes nipple covers feature a sparkly heart design and handcrafted satin tye with a reusable felt backing.  Wear them under a sheer shirt or your favorite boudoir look and let the sparks fly.

Bridal Nipple Covers | Daisy Pastyes

Nothing says feminine quite like a beautiful daisy.  The Daisy bridal nipple covers are inspired by all things beautiful and feminine.  These sensual lingerie accessories are the perfect way to light up your boudoir any night you want.  Invite sensuality and seduction into your look with these must have bridal nipple covers!

Bridal Nipple Covers | Invitation Pastyes

Feel confident and feminine on your honeymoon with these flirtatiously feminine bridal nipple covers!  Here's your invitation to feeling empowered to make every moment of your honeymoon amazing.  The Invitation bridal nipple covers feature an intricate sparkly design and handcrafted satin tye that will make you feel adored again and again.


Love, Tara