How To Be A Heartbreaker: The Inspiration Behind the Collection

It started with a song and an experience that we all go through. The Heartbreak.  Whether we are breaking someone's heart or someone is breaking ours, the feeling of loneliness, vulnerability and loss is a common experience that we all share after a Heartbreak.  With an aim to encapsulate this experience and emotion, the Heartbreaker Collection was born.  Using simple details and a dramatic chain drape, the Heartbreaker Collection is designed to be versatile and adaptable, just like the human heart.



Using soft elastic and an adjustable waistband, the Heartbreaker Bow Belt is a beautiful accessory to wear whenever your heart desires. Perfect to break up a solid dress or with your favorite pair of jeans, this handcrafted bow belt is oh so versatile. Featuring a soft satin bow as the focal point, this bow belt using a lead-free chain to caress your torso, waistline or even buttocks for a sensual statement that might break some hearts.


Seduce with your steps with the Heartbreaker Anklet.  This must-have summer accessory is a great tool to utilize in your accessory game. Wear this anklet with your favorite kitten heels or sandals to get your look a little-unexpected delight.  Using a soft satin tye in the center with a playfully dangling chain to create a sense of flirtation. 


Treat your thighs to a seductive accent in the Heartbreaker Legtyes leg garters.  Soft elastic bands encircle the thighs that make this sexy pair of leg garters so comfortable you can wear them all night long!  Playful chain dangle with each step.  Wear them under your favorite skirt for a sweet sensual surprise. 


Sinfully simple.  The Heartbreaker tyelet bow bracelet is designed to be worn at any time you need a bit of sweet femininity.  A handcrafted satin tye accents the wrists while a satin bracelet encircles the wrist and secures with a clasp.  Make this bow bracelet the staple in your jewelry box.