How To Make Yourself Sparkle

There is no denying it.  Sometimes we meet people and they leave a little of their sparkle with us.  Whether it's a complement, an idea or perhaps some style inspiration, there is sparkle to be shared among us.  And, to define sparkle, I mean to inspire, transform, uplift another in some way. Be it style, composure, professionally and on and on. So how do you create your own sparkle? Ahead are 3 ways to help you discover ways to help you make this world a sparklier place.  


Seeing the good in things creates sparkle.  Maybe they have good taste, maybe they are trying hard at something or maybe they are simply always there for you. Whatever it might be, finding the light in others is a beautiful way see a reflection to find the sparkle in yourself. Committing to a higher vibration to see the good in others and reenforcing it with your words is a powerful thing that we can do to illuminate the sparkle in others.  


Sometimes it's an idea, an anticipation of the possibilities or motivation to achieve something.  Giving another inspiration to go after what they want is a beautiful way to share sparkle with each other.  We all are motivated by different things so find ways to motivate another differently.  Maybe it's a material possession, recognition or something more intrinsic, leave some sparkle with another by inspiring their dreams and motivating them to achieve them.


When words can explain it, let style be the medium to leave some sparkle on each other.  Because when you feel good you look good and when you look good others can feel and see it.  There is nothing more attractive, or more sparkly, than someone who is confident and self-aware.  Perhaps how they accessorized, did their hair or what they are wearing, is inspiring you to be the best version of yourself.  Let style leave a little sparkle wherever you go.  Designed to help you sparkle, discover the Princesa Collection for easy and sparkly ways to accessorize.