How to Style Your Necktye | The Necktie Necklace Way

Looking and feeling confident, professional and polished at work and when you are not at work is an important part of your professional and personal success. Because when you don’t feel good, or you don’t like what you are wearing, the chances become highly likely that it will affect your mindset, and you become more self-conscious. This takes away your energy from being productive to quasi-productive. And we are not quasi-productive. We are go-getters. So here are a few tips to navigate your style in the workplace and beyond with your necktie necklace.


Wearing a nice business shirt is a go-to for several working women. They are light and provide the professional image needed in several roles. A way to create a luxurious look is by working your necktie necklace under the collar of your favorite business shirt, and allowing the necktie sit where a normal necktie would.


A scoop shirt, a shirt with a circular neckline, is another shirt you can wear with your necktie necklace. It adds a touch of luxury to a normally pretty casual shirt and allows you to throw on a suit jacket when needed. Solid colors work best with necktie necklaces so you can allow this fashion accessory to be the focal point of your look.


Sometimes you just need something to go with that little black dress. Allow a beautiful lariat necktie necklace to define your neckline. Adding a strategic necktie necklace to your look will amp up your accessory game. The Necktye Collection is full of versatile necktie necklaces so you can wear them with several of your favorite going out looks!


Turn up the heat in your boudoir with a little help from a menswear-inspired accessory, the necktie necklace. Not only do they define your necktie and give you the attention you desire in the places you want it to, but the long tye in the back is flirty and playful. Neckties on women are sexy!

Here are a few of my favorite necktie necklaces from the Necktye Collection: