How To Wear Lingerie Accessories

It’s been a trend for a while now.  You might have already seen it.  You might have already tried it.  You might have already dismissed it.  But wearing lingerie accessories as a part of your daily style is a beautiful and feminine way to accessorize any look.  Let’s first clarify though, what are lingerie accessories?  Lingerie accessories can be defined as articles designed to be worn underneath clothing that emphasize a certain feature.  For instance, leg garters. Leg garters are often elastic and encircle the thigh for a sensual finish that highlight your legs.  These are traditionally worn with a lingerie set, but there are ways that you can creatively and strategically wear them with casual wear as well.  Here are a few examples of how to wear lingerie accessories from the bedroom to beyond:

Sensual Lingerie Accessories

The Lingerie Harness

The lingerie harness is inspired by the passionate embrace of bondage.  Often strappy in nature, the lingerie harness caresses’ the torso with elastic and sometimes chain and metal rings to give your harness a fashionable and functionable fit.  Rings and chains can be added for BDSM and other kink-related activities.  But how could you possibly wear this bedroom accessory to work?  Easily.  These kinky in nature accessories are perfect to wear over a white collared shirt to give your torso form.  You can also wear them over a simple t-shirt to give your look distinction and style.  The Bodtye Collection of lingerie harnesses are inspired by the bedroom but designed for beyond. 

The Nipple Covers

Made popular by the burlesque movement, nipple covers are sensual lingerie accessories that provide just the right amount of coverage to prevent any sort of indecency claim.  These flirty lingerie accessories feature a cone-shaped structure with feminine embellishments like lace, tyes and pearls to highlight your curves.  Wear them for your next strip tease or for a night out on the town.  Nipple covers are perfect to wear under a blazer or a sheer shirt to give you look a sensual finish.  The Pastyes Collection is designed to embrace your curves over and over again with reusable nipple covers that delight your look with femininity.

The Leg Garter 

You might think that leg garters are only for weddings, but with the rise of chain leg garters they are now trendy to wear out of the bedroom.  Leg garters are fashionable to pair with leggings to give your look a unique twist.  You can also wear them under a short skirt for a sensual surprise or to pique a strangers interest.  The Legtyes Collection of leg garters are a flirty and fashion-forward way to create a lingerie-inspired look anywhere you want to go.