Indian Summer 🎀 Lingerie Accessories

Summer is slowly coming to a close.  The dark of the night is starting to approach faster.  The parties are starting to dissipate and you are having to grab a hoodie at night before you go out.  These are the days before fall that you can enjoy sleeping in, laying out and having fun before the cold winter arrives.  No matter where you live, it's the time of year to look back at summer and enjoy all the new memories you have made.  Encapsulate this feeling with lingerie accessories.  The Intimates Collection of lingerie accessories include sexy little things like lingerie harnesses, leg garters, nipple accessories and even handcuffs for you to enjoy no matter if you are going to a late night pool party or just kicking it at home.  Exploring your sensuality never gets boring with the mixture of temperatures and seductive lingerie accessories that will allow you to explore new styles and new sensations like never before.  It's time to light up the candles and feel the power and magic that the summer unveils.  Here are 3 lingerie accessories to help you enjoy this celebration of life:

Lingerie Accessories

Enjoy the versatility and beauty that you can uncover in lingerie accessories!  These flirty and feminine nothings are perfectly paired with lingerie, simple t-shirts or even a collared shirt for work!  The options are all yours as this lingerie harness features an intricate elastic and handcrafted tyes that want to go with you wherever you go!
Discover where luxury and sensuality meet in these flirty and classy leg garters that you can wear under a short skirt, over leggings or with your favorite lingerie set!  These handcrafted pearl leg garters feature a glass pearl strand and soft elastic fit that you can enjoy any time of year!
Delight your sensuality with femininity in these daisy-inspired nipple covers!  The Daisy nipple covers feature a handcrafted organza tye and fluffy chiffon daisy that if perfect to wear around your boudoir, under a blazer for a little flashy flash or whenever your heart desires!  
love, tara