Inspire Your Pinup 🖤 Black Leg Garters

Dita Von Tease. Bettie Page. Madonna.  These are some iconic woman that have transformed the landscape of not only music, pop culture, fashion but also history.  Who else could rock the cone bra like Madonna or graced the cover of magazines like Bettie Page?  Or put on a show like Dita Von Tease?  No matter how you want to inspire your inner pinup, take a page from their book by incorporating some sensual intimates and lingerie accessories into your wardrobe.  Black leg garters are sensual, they are sweet and they also celebrate your curves by caressing your waist and thighs with sophistication and class.  No matter if you wear them all by themselves or alone with nothing but your bare skin, there is something for everyone to try when it comes to black leg garters.  Here are a few black leg garters to consider for your next pinup performance.

 Black Leg Garters Sensual Feminine Intimates

Black Leg Garters | Bombshell Legtyes

Be the bombshell that you are with these ultra-feminine black leg garters designed to light up your look instantly and effortlessly.  Whether you are getting ready for a night out on the town or just want to try something new in your boudoir, enjoy sensuality and femininity in these black leg garters!

Pearl Leg Garters | Centerfold Legtyes

You are the centerfold of your life with these ultra-feminine and luxuriously sweet pearl leg garters from the Centerfold Collection!  Discover where sensuality and luxury collide with these sensual lingerie accessories that you can wear under a short skirt, over leggings or perhaps without anything at all.

Sensual Black Leg Garters | Invitation Legtyes

Celebrate your curves with these ultra-feminine leg garters designed to light up your world with sensuality and femininity.  The Invitation leg garters feature a sensual double band and handcrafted satin tye that you can easily wear to the front, back or off to the side.  You tease.

love, tara