Intimate Bridal Accessories for your Honeymoon

Light up your love with the sweetest and most seductive accents that will make your honeymoon very memorable.  Celebrate your union and escape into your deepest fantasies with the help of a few intimate bridal accessories that you can use over and over again.  Whether it's an all-night affair or a brief burst of passionate energy, having intimate bridal accessories will light up your boudoir and make these passionate moments flirty and fun.  The best part is all the intimate bridal accessories are reusable so you can reenact your time together and have a keepsake to keep these honeymoon memories alive.  Here are a few intimate bridal accessories to light up your honeymoon with seductive sweetness:

 CAKE Bridal Nipple Clamps

Sweeten your boudoir with the taste of a little cake in these beautifully feminine nipple clamps designed to make your most intimate moments even sweeter.  The CAKE bridal nipple clamps feature a luxurious pearl strand and handcrafted satin tyes to make your honeymoon a sweet experience.  The CAKE bridal nipple clamps come in a cake slice box so they make the perfect gift for your bride to be.

 Chandela Bridal Crystal Nipple Cover Pasties

Discover your own sensuality like never before in these crystal bridal nipple covers from the Chandela Collection!  These handmade nipple cover pasties feature a beautiful satin and organza tye with a radiant crystal prism so that you will light up your boudoir any time you please.  Allow the radiance of the Chandela bridal nipple covers create beautiful intimate memories for years to come.

Eve Leaf Bridal Leg Garters

There is no denying sweetness with the Eve leaf bridal leg garters!  These flirty and feminine leg garters encircle the thighs and feature a handcrafted satin tye in the back for an ultra-flirtatious finish.  Wear these down the aisle, on the dance floor and late into the night, the Eve leaf bridal leg garters are the perfect keepsake for your wedding day.