Intimate Jewelry ūüéÄ Why You Should Try Niptyes Nipple Clamps

Jewelry makes accessorizing fun and can completely change your look.  Necklaces, bracelets, rings and even hair accessories are always great to have in your arsenal of accessorizing options.  But what if you want to try something a little different?  What if you have a special occasion that is a little more intimate? Perhaps you may even want to throw in a surprise instead of the traditional jewelry staples.  Flirting with your sensuality with intimate jewelry is a little more unique and uncommon, but also a lot more fun.  That is where the Niptyes nipple clamps collection comes into play.  You don't need to have your nipples pierced, you just need an open mind and time to have a little fun.  Here are 3 Niptyes nipple clamps that you should try:


Be the bombshell that you are with these ultra-flirtatious and undeniably feminine bow nipple clamps from the Bombshell Collection!  These ultra-flirty non-piercing nipple clamps are perfect for a late night surprise or striptease.  Wear them under a sheer shirt, a blazer or with your favorite boudoir gear.  These feminine nipple clamps also make a great gift for a birthday or anniversary. 


Let your imagination come alive with these kinky and feminine nipple clamps!  A sparkly choker with a handcrafted tye adds a kittenish element while beautiful chain drapes down the chest and secures onto your nipples' diameter.   Perfect for the beginner that wants to experience and explore sensuality without the permanence of piercings. Wear these beautiful nipple clamps with a low cut skirt to pique some curiosity.  


Still a little skeptical about trying nipple clamps?  Then the Secrets Niptyes nipple clamps are for you!  These dainty and feminine nipple clamps deliver sweet sensations while giving a modest look. Wear them under a sheer shirt, lingerie set or with nothing at all:)  It's our secret after all. 


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