Irresistibly Feminine 💋 The Eve Collection of Jewelry, Accessories & Intimates

Femininity can be a magic thing.  It can transform your style.  It can change your mind.  It can also reframe the way you look at things.  Exploring your femininity takes a lot of different accessories, thoughts and boundaries in order to truly identify with yourself and how you define your femininity.  Whether it's adding an anklet or putting on a choker, highlighting your femininity has never looked more beautiful.  The Eve Collection of feminine jewelry, accessories and intimates aims to amplify your femininity by accenting your feminine features like your feet, legs, arms and neck.  Here is a quick glance at each item in this feminine collection:

 Eve Leaf Anklet Feminine Accessories


Take femininity to a new place with these irresistibly feminine anklets from the Eve Collection.  Soft, metallic leaves encircle the anklets and radiate with the sweetest feminine accents.  Perfect for a night on the town, when you are out with your girls or even on your wedding day.  Celebrating your femininity has never been sweeter. Wear when you need a little feminine sparkle.


Encircle your neck with the most feminine of accents in this leafy choker from the Eve Collection!  Metallic leaves encircle the neck and secure with clasp closure.  Wear these flirty feminine accessories out on the town, on your big day or when you want to add a little femininity to your look.


Make everything you touch a little sweeter with this leafy bracelet from the Eve Collection.  Silver or gold metallic leaves encircle the wrists with irresistible femininity.  Wear this leafy experience when you want to add a little feminine sparkle to your look.  Perfect for your every day or your big day, versatility is innate in this feminine accessory.


Flirt with your femininity in these simple yet seductive leafy leg garters that are available in silver and gold.  Metallic leaves encircle the thighs while a soft satin tye accents the back of the thigh for a touch of seduction and detail.  The original design in this collection, the Eve leg garters are perfect to wear under a short skirt, on your wedding day or honeymoon.