Jewelry, Accessories & Intimates For Your Boudoir

Your boudoir.  A place you go to recenter and cherish yourself.  These special places act as a sanctuary in a busy and hectic world.  Whether your boudoir is your bedroom, your private sitting area, your closet, or even your bathroom, creating the space to honor yourself is an important part of any daily routine.  Creating those special moments to reflect and show gratitude to all that you are stimulates positivity in self-image, mental health and more.  Having special jewelry, accessories and intimates to take into this special place as well as out into the world are great ways to celebrate yourself and your life.  

Boudoir photography has become so mainstream that most women experience a boudoir session.  These typically resemble a boudoir with beautiful and feminine accessories and furniture to allow you to become intimate with yourself and your reflection. 

Boudoir Jewelry, Accessories and Intimates

No matter what you decide to wear or not wear, having impactful and statement-making jewelry, accessories and intimates for your boudoir are an investment that is all yours.  Here are a few designs that are perfect for your boudoir:


Create a little drama to your look with this simplistically simple bow necklace choker that is devilish playful and ultra-sensual.  The Drama Queen bow necklace choker features a handcrafted satin tye with elongated tails so that you can flirt with your desires anyway you crave to.  Wear this with your favorite lingerie set or panties for a playfully feminine statement. 


Break a few hearts with this simple and stylish bow belt from the Heartbreaker Collection!  This flirty and versatile bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain to create a flirty look with anything that you wear.  Perfect over a pair of panties that you can drape around the front or back, depending on how you are feeling yourself.


Create a luxuriously sweet experience with these feminine and beautifully handmade leg garters designed to make anything you wear a little sweeter:)  This Centerfold pearl leg garters feature a luxurious pearl strand and soft elastic fit so you can wear them all day and all night long!