Jewelry #Trends 🎀 Black + Gold

Who doesn't love a good contrast? Dark pink and orange. Green and magenta. And our favorite, black and gold. Playing with color theory is always a good time. When harmony strikes by pairing opposite sides of the color wheel, trends are bound to surface. So if you're looking for something striking to wear this summer, consider what's trending. Black and gold. This hot and sizzling combo is hard to ignore.  Ahead are some of our favorite black and gold jewelry pieces that you should consider for the summer ahead. 

Vice Black and Gold Niptyes Nipple Clamps

As the summer heats up, discover and explore an intimate way to accessorize with the Vice black and gold bow nipple jewelry clamps.  These handcrafted bow jewelry nipple clamps feature black satin bows and shimmering gold chain for an exotically fresh finish you can enjoy whenever you please.

Vice Black and Gold Ankletye Bow Anklet 

Take this #trend anywhere with the Vice black and gold ankletye with a layered chain drape that is sensual and feminine.  This handcrafted bow anklet is perfect to pair with your favorite black heels, sandals or perhaps just against bare skin.  No matter where this world takes you, delight each step with sweetness in this black and gold bow anklet.

Vice Black and Gold Bow Leg Garters

Light up your look with sensuality and femininity in this black and gold bow leg garters from the Vice Collection.  An adjustable leg garter allows you to customize the fit. Wear them to the front, off to the side or around back to accentuate your peach. No matter how you decide to wear them, discover the magic of accessorizing with these black and gold bow leg garters.