Jewelry Trends for the New Year 🎀

Dainty jewelry, thin rings, and minimalist jewelry have been ruling the jewelry trends, but looking at the runways for 2019, things are about to switch up!  Reimagined chokers, statement necklaces and bold bracelets took to the runway for Spring 2019.  Get ready for the return of maximalist jewelry.  This is where your jewelry pieces take the center stage in your look.   Always great for harnessing lots of compliments, statement jewelry is always good to have in your accessorizing routine so you can show on-trend looks without much effort.  Instantly transform your look by adding a bold necklace or wrist cuff.  Accessorizing can be super transformative with statement jewelry and accessories.  Here is a look at a few jewelry pieces that you should have in your jewelry box for 2019:

Jewelry Trends 2019


A statement necklace is a bold piece of jewelry that consumes your look.  You can't look at you without noticing the bold jewelry piece around your neck.  This is an important accessorizing tactic that you can use when you don't want to buy new clothes.  Investing in a statement necklace like the Drama Queen bow choker or the Fringe with Benefits choker, are beautiful ways to get your look noticed in 2019.


Tye it all together with a chain belt.  Designers like Chanel and Miu Miu utilize chain belts to create a feminine edge through accessorizing with this simple accessory.  Wear a chain belt, like the Vice Belt Chain or Honey Bow Belt, with your favorite jeans, pencil skirt or lingerie set to create an edgy feminine statement.  The perfect way to accessorize when you want to break up a boring waistline.


 Glam up your wrist game with the addition of bold bracelets to your look.  These are easy to wear from dawn to dusk and make great conversation starters.  Wearing a bold bracelet cuff can be as casual or as formal as you like it to be.  Wear the Femme Fatale tyelet bow bracelet cuff, to your end date or night out with the girls.  Armed with a bold bracelet cuff will transform your look so it's on trend for 2019.