Jewelry Trends To Watch This Summer

Some trends come and go.  And some have a serious moment.  The diffusion of style is a mixture of art and science.  Through osmosis, we gather information about the latest style whether we are shopping online or at a neighborhood bar.  From there we individually adapt to the trend and try to see if we can make it work with your individual style.  Trends are a fascinating part of society and fashion.  If you see it on someone, then you might want to try it too.  Here are a few jewelry trends to watch this summer:


This summer anklets are having a moment in the accessorizing spotlight.  Anklets are perfect for a poolside session or a night on the town, these versatile and feminine fashion accessories are a great way to show off your feet, legs and calves.  Strategically wear an anklet to doll up bland shoes or to highlight each step you take.  Anklets are a trend to watch this summer.


This summer keep an eye out for long earrings that extend beyond the typical shoulder dusters.  Highlight your neck and shoulders by adding exaggerated earrings into your jewelry wardrobe.  This easy upgrade can transform your look, whether you are wearing a simple sundress or a sexy business suit, long earrings are a great way to accessorize your summer wardrobe. 


In my opinion, femininity is always in style.  So it is exciting to see that pearls are making the rounds and coming to the surface in more accessories.  Whether you are wearing our pearl Centerfold leg garters under a dress or sporting the Wifey pearl anklet, pearls are a perfect summer accessory.  They can come off little beachy and always classy, pearl fashion accessories are a beautiful way to upgrade your accessory game plan.