Keep It Together 🎀 3 Bow Belts You Need

With the holidays approaching, life can start to get a little crazy.  Parties to go to, gifts to buy and events to plan out.  This sometimes leaves a little room to get ready.  So instead of looking at your closet wondering what you are going to wear, allow your accessories to help make your decision.  Feminine accessories are a great starting point when deciding what to wear.  These simple yet impactful addictives are sure to sweeten and feminize any look you desire.  Starting with your accessorizing strategy will allow help you see other pieces in new light to help light up your imagination with new styling possibilities.  So keep it together with the Beltyes Collection of bow belts.  These handcrafted bow belts are a perfect go-to this holiday season to help keep your look fresh and feminine. No matter how formal or informal your look is, these simple and adjustable bow belts will define your curves and give your look the feminine finish that others will ask you about.  Here are 3 bow belts to consider to help you keep it together and make new looks over and over again:

Bow Belts Collection Feminine Accessories

Enchantress Bow Belt | Adjustable Bow Belt  

Enchant any look you desire with this ultra-feminine bow belt designed to highlight any look with femininity, structure and style.  This handcrafted bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and soft adjustable waist that you can wear to the front, back or off to the side.

Bougie Lace Bow Belt | Adjustable Bow Belt 

Designed to embrace your feminine side, this ultra-feminine lacy bow belt is the perfect way to light up any shirt, dress or outfit.  This handcrafted lace bow belt features a handcrafted lace tye and adjustable waist band so you can wear it any way you like:) 

Lacing Love Bow Belt | Adjustable Bow Belt

Lace your look with femininity and style in this irresistibly feminine bow belt designed to light up your look.  This handcrafted bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and beautiful lace detailing.  Perfect with that sexy black dress, jeans or perhaps nothing at all.

love, tara