Kismet Collection: Feminine Jewelry, Accessories & Intimates

Inspired by your destiny in the world, the Kismet Collection of feminine jewelry, accessories and intimates is designed to go with for wherever this world takes you.  Using a luxuriously feminine pearl link chain and dainty satin tyes makes this collection of versatile and unique.  No matter where you are meant to go in this world, allow the Kismet Collection to take your style to an elevated level.  Here is a quick look at each item in this collection of feminine jewelry and sensual intimates:


Inspired by sophistication and femininity, the Kismet necktie necklace is a beautiful way to accessorize your work wardrobe.  Wear this feminine necktie necklace to your everyday meeting or out on a business trip, this beautifully versatile necktie necklace is a wonderful accessory to wear again and again!  This necktie necklace features a beautiful pearl link chain drape and dramatic satin tye closure to give your look an irresistibly feminine finish.


Treat your hips to a little bit of sweetness with this feminine and versatile bow belt from the Kismet Collection!  Whether you are staying the night in or going out on the town, the Kismet bow belt is the perfect addition to any look.  This bow belt features a luxurious pearl link chain drape and dramatic satin tyes to create a look that is all your own!


Treat your tresses to a bit of femininity with this ultra-sophisticated hair chain designed to give your look a feminine finish.  Wear this hair chain to your favorite concert, a first date or just because.  The versatility is limitless with this ultra-feminine hair chain!  Style this hair chain with a messy pony tail, a pretty braid or however your heart desires!


Take sensual femininity with you wherever you go with the Kismet Bow Earrings designed to highlight your look with luxury.  These bow earrings feature a handcrafted satin tye and pearl-link chain.  Wear these bow earrings to work, out to play or whenever your heart desires!  Go find your destiny.