Kiss & Tell 🎀 3 Feminine Bow Bracelets

When it comes to deciding how to accessorize, there are seriously so many options.  Your hair, your shoes, your neck.  Where should you accessorize and what should you accessorize with?  Understanding that what part of your look you want to accessorize is the first step to deciding how to accessorize.  Choosing the focal point of the look is the best place to accessorize.  Take into consideration your assets, whether it's your hips, your cheeks or anywhere in between.  Sometimes you need to accessorize a couple times to determine what works best for you.  If you still are unsure, the best thing is to accessorize with is a bow bracelet.  Yes, a bow bracelet.  A piece of feminine jewelry that will go with you wherever you want to go! The Tyelets Collection of feminine bow bracelets is a beautiful way to accessorize without much investment nor effort.  This collection is designed to be as versatile as you are!  Here are 3 feminine bow bracelets to consider for your next accessorizing project:

Feminine Bow Bracelet

Bold & Beautiful | Femme Fatale Black Bow Cuff 

Looking for something unique and bold?  Then this black bow cuff is a beautiful addition to your look!  Wear this delightfully feminine black bow cuff with a lacy nothing or little black dress to make your accessorizing game a little sweeter.  There is nothing like the sweet touch of this black bow cuff!

Simple & Sweet | Hickey Bow Bracelet 

Discover something sweet in everything you do with this simple and beautiful black bow bracelet that makes the perfect companion wherever you go!  This black bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and satin wrist band.

Playful & Feminine | Fringe Black Bow Bracelet 

Flirt without a word with this feminine fringe bow bracelet.  Allow this flirty little number to dance around your wrist with playful abandonment.  There is no stopping a good time with this piece of feminine jewelry.

love, tara