Kiss Your Look with the XO Collection

Have you ever daydreamed about love?  About finding that special person?  About creating memorable intimate moments? The XO Collection is inspired by daydreams like this and the soft kisses that make memories last.  Discover your romantic style, this collection of various feminine accessories are a beautiful way to make your look more playful and flirtatious.  Utilizing the luxury of satin with a clean design, this collection is innately versatile and beautifully feminine.  Here is a closer look at the collection:

XO Heeltyes • Beautifully Feminine Heel Accessories

Make each step a little sweeter with these handcrafted heel accessories designed to light up each step you take!  The XO Heeltyes feature a soft elastic band and flirty satin tye that you can enjoy wearing around your heels, ankles or even your calves, girl! These wispy accessories will instantly transform your look.  Kiss your style with femininity, beauty and flirtation in these handcrafted heel accessories.

 XO Hairtye • Black Hair Bow

Have you ever wondered what to do with your hair?  Allow the XO Hairtye help you create a hairstyle that you will want to create again and again.  The XO Hairtye hair bow features a salon-style hair comb and handcrafted satin tye that can easily be inserted into any hairstyle.  Whether you are heading to the office, out with friends or simply lounging around your boudoir, enjoy effortless hairstyling with this black hair bow!

 XO Ringtye • A Flirty Black Bow Ring

Designed to flirt with femininity and style, this bow ring will capture the attention of your admirers.  The XO Ringtye is inspired to capture beautiful moments of intimacy.  This bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye and silver-toned adjustable ring band so that you can wear it on any finger your heart desires.  Kiss your look with elegance and style in this feminine bow cocktail ring!


love, tara